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The Impact and Benefits of Youth Ministry Educators in Urban Contexts

Introduction Today, there is a short supply of men and women who positively impact the lives of others. Most leadership is centered on self-accomplishments and name-making. The world, our communities,...

Pst. James Francis

Practical Spiritual Rites of Passage: Adolescence

I grew up and later became a youth leader within an evangelical church that takes pride in its theological thrust in ministry. My growing experience and engagement with youth ministries...

Dr. Shantelle M. Weber

Practical Mentoring in a Typical Youth Group

Mentoring has become a “buzz-word” in the business world but the practice of developing another person for specific purposes of skill development or leadership has been around since the beginning...

Dr. Nathan Chiroma

Towards a New Perspective: A Christian Response to Drug Addiction

The human brain is the most complex organ of the body. This three-pound mass of grey and white matter controls all body functions including heart rate, emotions, learning, and memory....

Gaberiel Elekpa

Core Values for Youth Ministries to thrive by 2040

Few months ago, the cooling system of my car had developed a fault and needed a fix. So off I went to do the needful. Mr B claims to have...

Bobby Joachim

Don’t Quit but knit the Experiences: Lessons for Youth Ministry

The few years I have worked alongside young people have been an opportunity to learn important lessons. My first year was difficult because of the direct impact most of the...

Oscar Danladi

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