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Healthcare Profession: A Call to Mission

‘’ Jesus went through all towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness.” (Matthew 9:35)

The Gospels summarize the work of our Lord Jesus Christ as that of teaching, preaching and healing. However, in some circles, it is easy to forget that Jesus’ healing ministry was just as important as his teaching and preaching.

The Christian Health worker is privileged to partake in the mission of Jesus Christ. The healing that Jesus performed were often physical as well as spiritual. God gifts skills and talents to those he calls to the medical profession so that they can perform physical healing. We have been blessed with the ability to perform amazing diagnostics and therapeutic procedures that helps alleviate plain and suffering to humanity.

Our profession should be an avenue by which we worship God. Humanity should experience God’s goodness, mercy, awesomeness and miracles as we perform our priestly duties. (1peter2:9). Our profession should be used to break up fallow grounds, unlock closed doors, and create inroads for evangelism in hard to reach areas.

The Christian health worker can also acquire the knowledge and skill to teach and preach. This will equip the health worker to teach, preach, and provide spiritual and physical healing. The possibility of providing such a wholistic ministry should be the aspiration of every Christian health worker.

The Lord has called us and given us the privilege of participating in His salvation ministry. We have been blessed.

Let us use our calling, our profession, to save souls.

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