Quiet Time Diary for Teens and Adults



Take Teen devotions to an all-new level! Providing a structured approach to quiet time and prayer, the Interactive Quiet Time Diary Daily Devotional is filled with personal, penetrating questions that encourage readers to examine their lives. Insights and commentary on specific verses challenge readers to apply the truth of God’s Word.

A personal prayer section includes ample room to record prayer requests and answers. Since the passages in this spiral-bound Quiet Time correlate with all of our other Quiet Times, the whole family can learn biblical truths together for an entire year.

Includes Mobilize for the Cause – A guide to Share and Grow your faith. 

This tool is designed to be used One-on-One with you and a friend that has just trusted Christ as Savior. As you progress through these lessons, you are joining the greatest cause ever: to reach your generation with the gospel.


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