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It's only because of the people of God that our ministry exists.

Normal people from all walks of life with every skill you can think of volunteer to help make our ministry happen. Because we value our volunteers.

My name is Courage Kuzanah from Kaduna State. I am the first of three children and a final year student of Missions and Evangelism at the Jos ECWA Theological Seminary. I am passionate about reaching out to children, teens, and youth with the love of Christ. I believe that children and the young are the heartbeat of societal transformation. I have been a volunteer with Word of Life since my first year in the seminary, from 2014 to date. I am also an intern and I serve as the volunteer coordinator for the Word of Life EMS Children School's Bible Club. Word of Life has taught me how to successfully and effectively minister to young people with the love of Christ. My time here has reshaped my perception of ministry. It has also positively affected the way I view issues involving young people. Now I find it easy to interact with young people to impact in their lives through the gospel.
Courage Kuzanah
My name is Rejoice Istifanus from Plateau State Nigeria, a graduate of Jos ECWA Theological Seminary and presently a teacher with Mighty Little Feet Brook Academy, Mac-Allen, Jos. As a volunteer staff with Word of Life, I served as a counselor during teens camp, and it was an awesome experience being with the teenagers. The training and, subsequently, the camp has over the past months helped in shaping me as I daily work with children. I am glad and appreciative to God and the Word of Life team for giving me the opportunity to serve in this capacity.
Rejoice Istifanus
Former Volunteer
Hey – Ayuba Addra here. I’m a student with the ECWA Theological Seminary and an intern with Word of Life Nigeria. I started volunteering in 2015 and then became an official intern in 2017. The journey to serve God and young people through Word of Life has been eternally rewarding. I have practically witnessed growth in my spiritual life. My ministerial skills have greatly improved and I have seen young people transformed for the better. I could go on, but I just want to say a big thank you for the opportunity to serve. Thank you, Word of Life Nigeria! Keep touching young people’s lives and transforming societies for Jesus. Shalom!!!
Ayuba Addra
Staff, Word of Life Suleja
I am Yereema Nasiru from Gombe state, the third of four children. I study at the Federal University of Jos and also work. I discovered Word of Life in June 2012 at ECWA Seminary Church when Rev. Stephen Bahago talked about developing a personal youth ministry. Volunteering was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was learned how to become an effective leader and how to organize, plan, and execute programs. Most importantly, I developed my prayer life and the study of God's word, reading lots of relevant books to aid my spiritual growth. I have a passion for mission and evangelism, for young people, and for introducing the gospel of Christ to the unsaved. Word of Life has given me many opportunities to do these things, and I am grateful to God that I partner with them.
Yereema Nasiru
Hi, my name is Mr. Talle. I have been a volunteer in the evangelism unit of Word of Life fellowship for three years. This ministry has imparted so much to me that now I clearly see the importance of volunteering for the cause of Christ. My best thing about Word of Life is the wonderful family-life, which has helped to shape and teach me how to properly do ministry. I have learned how to take time to pray, value personal Bible study, and have my quiet time. The experience has been great, and I am glad that I can volunteer.
Yohanna Talle

Be used by God to change lives

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